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  • 1.Why did my TV view freeze when I watching TV in DTV program?
    There is possibly use ramdisk or vmware program that related about your system resource, we suggest you do not running these program before you execute DTV.
  • 2. Why cant I see TV view but I can hear sound from channels?
    Please try to repair TV card driver or upgrade to latest driver,you may download latest and suitable driver in our website.
  • 3. Why cant I enable or disable PCI audio in Win7?
    Win7 system will force TV card use PCI audio, so it cant enable or disable PCI audio in DTV.
  • 4. I have set done S5 power on in TV card, why my PC did not power on when schedule times up?
    Please check following items:
    1. Please ensure TV card green LED had light if it have.
    2. Please check again TV card power on wire if working or not.
    3. Please shut down your PC before that span time you set in DTV.
    4. Please enable Wake up by PME or PCI, or any options like this in your BIOS setting.
    5. It could possibly power not enough, please check your power supply or if you have another PC you can check this issue easily.
  • 5. How to set TV view in my desktop?
    Please select "Overlay" in DTV options... -> audio/video -> render mode.
  • 6. How to use 3rd party MPEG4 software encoder in DTV?
    Here is a software encoder that DTV can support , please download installer in this link:
  • 7. I had encoutered error code 0x10000101, how do I solve it?
    Please try to check if any "VideoMate" or "Compro" device in your device manager => audio video and game controller.

    Please snapshot it for us.

    And still in device manger, pleae check "view" => "resoure by type", please check IRQ if there any "VideoMate" or "Compro" device here and please snapshot it for us.

    Or remove driver in device manager manualy, and remove it in windows control panel then plug out your device clean it pins.

    According to the log file you sent, we conclude that it maybe the non-detection between TV card/stick and motherboard.
    This is due to the non-detection between TV card/stick and motherboard.

    TV card:
    Please re-plug the card and try to gently clean the contact (golden fingers) by a rubber eraser to see if help.

    TV stick:
    Please try to re-plug the USB stick or change to another USB port to see if help.
    (Please do not use USB hub or any USB extension cable)
  • 8. How to use S3/S4 schedule recording function?
    You may click "stand by" or "sleep" function in your OS system after you done to set recording schedules.
  • 9. How to use "POP" function?
    This functions is when you viewing digital channels, it can let you view mutiple channels in same main frequency at one time.
  • 10. I have 4-core CPU and running XP system, but when I scan channels or doing something in DTV, this program jusr dissapear suddenly, how do I fix this problem?
    As we know,you can download this patch that Microsoft provided to fix this issue:


  • 1. Why when I press power button in MCE, it just will sleep/stand by, not close MCE program?
    The "Power" button of remote control stand for power up PC.. And it stand for the "into sleep mode" under Windows desktop status. Compro may not to change the definition of the orange button(power button), due to this button defined by Microsoft. We will suggest you to press the "CLEAR" button if you would like to turn off PC under Windows desktop state.


  • 1. If support suggest me delete registry files, how do I start this action?
    Please refer following steps:
    Start -> execute -> input "regedit" -> HKEY CURRENT USER → Software → Compro(Please delete this folder)
    If you encouter problem about cant delete registry file, please execute clearreg.bat and try again delete registry file.
  • 2. Why does my laptop notebook detect no TV stick in device manger?
    The standard power supply of USB is 5V 500mA, while some netbook or the so-called eeepc short of power supply of USB with the purpose of power saving efficiency.

    Comro VideoMate USB product need to work under 5V 500mA as to get the most stable performance.
  • 3. Why does MSN detect no video capture device while watching TV?
    Please choose the video device under the option of MSN. It may result in the default value which automatically detection with the new installed device.
  • 4. Why cant I use my remote control in DTV or MCE?
    Please check following items, if these items all check and still same thing, we suggest you contact the store you bought:

    A. Please ensure ComproRemoteControl(an orange icon in DTV 4.5) in system tray, if not, please excuting it as following steps:
    Start -> all programs -> videomate -> common -> ComproRemote

    B. You may see LED lighting through your camera when you press any button on remote, please refer this picture:

    C. Please check you have good enought battery

    D. If you use Compro TV card, please ensure it have already plug-in IR receiver or try to re-plug it in again.

IP camera

  • 2. How to viewing camera by smart phone?
    Please refer below picture.
    You have to turn on stream2 and set its codec in "Motion-JPEG", we suggest you set lower quality and 5 framerate in stream2, and you will see there has a new url under this page.
    Then when you input this url in your phone browser , you will view it. (In this picutre, it shows "")
  • 3. Do you have any calculator about what size will camera recorded on some setting?
    Please refer following link:
    It can let you a result about what size in those setting.
  • 4. Instructions on avoiding echo problem when using IP camera ?

    Instructions on Avoiding Echoes

    The sections below provide instruction on how to avoid echoes that come out from the camera's speaker continuously and keep getting louder when using camera's 2-way audio communication feature. If the echo problem is solved by simply taking the actions in Part One, then there is no need to take actions in Part Two.

    Part One - Choose the Right Audio Device

    a. Log in to the camera's LiveView page. Right-click on the "Communication"‥ button seen on the left control panel, and then select "setting"‥ from the context menu

    b. An "Audio Device Selecting Dialog" window will pop up. On the right-hand side of the window, select "Microphone." Hit OK and see if the echoes die downIf the echo problem persists, please take the next step.

    Part Two - Recording Control

    Follow the instructions below ONLY IF the echo problem still persists after you have taken the actions in the previous step.

    a. Open the Recording Control on your viewing PC by right-clicking your volume control in the system tray and choose Volume Control, or by going to the control panel and then open Volume Control.

    b. Then click "Options" and then "Properties", and then click the"Recording". Make sure "Microphon checked and hit OK. Now in the Recording Control screen, check the "Select" checkbox under "Micro-phone" and see if the echoes die down.

  • 5. Why I can not hear any sound from IE browser, my system is Windows XP.
    Please follow these steps: Control panel -> Sounds and audio devices -> volume page -> device volume advanced button -> adjust WAVE volume.

  • 6. Why activeX not working after download so that I cannot view camera image?
    The situation might cause by ActiveX install not properly or certificate expiration
    1. Please delete the ComproEmbedded folder which locate at C:/program files then re-enter WebVUer to see if issue resolved. 2. If not, please download install pack as below link:
    ActiveX installation pack
    After download, please extract the file and execute to resolve the issue.
  • 7. Why activeX not working after download or camera shows certificate expiration so that I cannot view NVR image?
    The situation might caused by ActiveX install not properly or certificate expiration
    1. Please delete the Compro NVR folder which locate at C:/program files.
    2. Please dlownload install pack as below link:
    ActiveX installation pack
    After download, please extract the file and execute to resolve the issue.
    For more knowledge about this issue, please read below technical note for further issue explanation
    Technical Note
  • 8. Does my Compro network camera support Mac system?
    All the Compro network cameras supports live viewing in MJPEG mode under Mac OS 10.6 or above.
    Also, the IP55/IP55W, IP60/IP60W, IP70/IP70W, IP540/IP540W, IP570/IP570W/IP570P network cameras provides more Mac support features:

    1. iWizard network camera setup for Mac system. (Please download the Mac version iWizard from software download page.)
    2. Support PTZ and 2-way audio control.
    3. MJPEG live viewing in Live View page, Motion Detection setup page and PTZ control setup page.
  • 9. How many devices TN600R/TN900R can switch on/off?
    C4home provide 10 profiles for each TN600R/TN900R, it means users able to control 10 devices for each camera.
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