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Bundled Microsoft certified Windows Media Center remote

The bundled Microsoft certified Windows Media Center remote control can directly support analog TV watch/record in Windows Media Center of Vista Premium/Ultimate. It also supports to control ComproDTV and ComproFM 2. With this powerful remote, you can watch and record TV, timeshifting, listen to FM radio, watch DVD, and control Power On/Off in shutdown, hibernation or standby mode.

* The Windows XP users can also use the remove to control all functons except the Windows Media Center of Vista Premium/Ultimate.

Certified MPEG-2 encoder directly supports TV watching and recording in Windows Media Center

The included Microsoft certified MPEG-2 encoder supports the software encoding TV card (Analog TV, ATSC, and DVB-T) to watch and record the TV shows in Windows Media Center.

Exclusive Vista Gadget Tool

  • VideoMate Vista T500F TV card provides the useful Vista Gadget tool to watch live TV directly from your Vista sidebar. Also, you can check schedule list and playback list from this tool.
  • Vista Gadget is meant for Vista 32 bit operation system only.

Exclusive Windows Media Center scheduled recording list integration

It is easier to use the integrated Windows Media Center scheduled recording list controlling the scheduled recording.

HID (Human Interface Device) for Remote

The HID (Human Interface Device) for Remote function allows you to create your own remote. Users can make their own remote control key definitions to run Windows applications.

Remote Control Power On/Off

VideoMate Vista T500F PCI provides Compro exclusive Remote Power On/Off function. With the totally hardware power up circuits design on Vista M5F PCI, your PC can be directly powered on/off by pressing the yellow button on the remote. It's more convenient for you to enjoy digital entertainment when you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.

Power Up Scheduled Recording

  • VideoMate Vista T500F PCI built-in enhanced Power Up Scheduling to automatically boot up your system for scheduled recording, and shutdown your system when recording is completed
  • The worry-free way to record your favorite programs
  • Top-notch Power Up circuit supports most mainboard at present

Simple Steps to get your favorite shows:

  • Setup the recording schedule list
  • Shutdown your system and leave. You can go abroad or traveling to other place.
  • When the show time is up, the Vista M5F will automatically boot up your system
  • ComproDTV will start and record the shows you want
  • After recording finished, ComproDTV will automatically shut down your system
  • You can watch your favorite shows when you are back home

Advanced PIP/POP Feature

The advanced Picture in/out Picture feature lets you watch live TV shows and playback recorded video files at the same time. ComproDTV supports up to 5 windows watching (1 main, 3 sub digital TV and 1 recorded video files) additional TV program of same frequency on another window if available.

Main window has all features while sub window has limited functions only. Double-click on the sub window can switch the TV program to the main window.

ComproDTV also provides the PIP features to put sub window(s) into main window which is convenient for you to watch multiple programs on full screen mode.

Convinent Video Desktop

With the Video Desktop feature, you can set your TV watching screen as the live wallpaper. It is more convenient to watch TV and use other application on your Windows' desktop at the same time. It also supports PIP feature to watch TV and playback recorded video file.

Timeshift and Instant Replay Live TV

Timeshifting lets you control your TV viewing like never before. Timeshifting temporarily saves the video for a user-defined amount time from now on in your hard disk. You can roll back to the time you left the seat.

Picture Purifying Technology

Without Picture Purifying Technology With Picture Purifying Technology

For crystal-clear picture quality

The VideoMate Vista T500F build-in the advanced high-quality silicon tuner and professional media processor chip provides more vivid, less noisy, and sharper picture quality that outperforms standard TV sets.

  • Noise Removal – In some of poor quality TV cable and video sources, the video includes a lot of noise. The noise removal feature can helps to remove the noise from video source and give you a clearer video.
  • Deinterlacing – The video transmission in TV system is use interlacing, and this will has less flicker when screen is refreshed at twice the frame rate. But it will cause the bad video quality on the non-interlaced PC monitor. The Compro deinterlacing technology will fix the interlacing problem and give you a clear picture on your system.
  • Video Smoothing – When setup in the higher resolution of video (ex. 640*480) the video will appear aliasing (or jaggies). Aliasing is the stair-step effect on the edges of objects and can be extremely distracting for the PC user. The video smoothing technology provides more smoothing and nice looking video.
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