VideoMate U620F DVB-T Stick

USB 2.0 DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV Stick with Analog FM Radio

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Compro VideoMate U620F DVB-T Stick is a USB 2.0 interface digital terrestrial TV tuner stick, which provides H.264 and 1080i HDTV quality digital TV watching/recording on your desktop or laptop PC. Also, the VideoMate U620F support analog FM radio reception. Accompanied by Compro’s advanced hardware and software technologies, VideoMate U620F DVB-T Stick provides clear pictures watching on your PC without opening the system case to install, and turns your computer into a home entertainment center by bringing digital TV viewing and personal digital video recording capabilities to your PC.

Bundled Compro’s exclusive ComproDTV 4 software, you can watch digital TV shows, play recorded files, timeshift live TV, channel surf, capture still frames, and S3 (standby)/ S4 (hibernation) mode power up scheduled recording; support Transport Stream recording and playing back let you record all the programs in the same stream then you can watch each of them when you are free; customize channel order and set my favorite channel list for more easy-to-use; Video Desktop to setup the live TV screen in wallpaper mode can let you use other applications directly from desktop. The advanced Picture in/out Picture allow you to watch live TV/playback video file at the same time, open up to 1 main and 3 sub live digital channel windows at once.

In addition, VideoMate U620F DVB-T stick provides the useful Gadget tool to watch live TV directly on your Win 7/Vista sidebar, check schedule and playback list. Also, the ComproDTV 4 can integrate the scheduling list from WMC for more easy-to-use scheduled recording control. With these powerful features, VideoMate U620F DVB-T Stick is undoubtedly your best mobile digital TV and audio choice.

Key Features
  • Watch DVB-T on laptop or desktop PC with USB 2.0 interface
  • Analog FM radio listen and record
  • Built-in LED on stick for signal strength indicates
  • ComproDTV 4 software with Win 7/Vista Gadget tool and integrated the scheduling list from WMC (Gadget tool is meant for Win 7/Vista 32 bit operation system only)
  • Support SDTV and 1080i HDTV (where available)
  • USB bus powered, no external power adaptor required
  • S3 (standby)/ S4 (hibernation) mode power up scheduled recording
  • Timeshift and instant replay live TV
  • Advanced PIP/POP feature allows up to 5 windows watch including one playback recorded video file, 1 main and 3 sub digital TV channels watch at once
  • Video Desktop to setup the live TV screen as wallpaper mode
  • Customize channel order and my favorite list
  • Digital TV Support EPG, subtitle, Teletext (not support MHEG-5 UK Digital Teletext Service)
  • Single/Multiple still frame captures and remote snapshot
  • MPEG-2, H.264(MPEG-4 Part-10) and TS record/playback in digital TV
  • Certified for Windows 7 32/64 bit
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