Compro Technology: An Innovator of IP Surveillance Solution
  At the forthcoming 2011 Intersec show, Compro will be introducing a full line of IP surveillance solutions. Today we are offering you a sneak peek of what to expect at this year's Compro booth.

Surveillance Camera Lineup

    IP Series: Indoor 1.3 Megapixel IP Cameras

Our IP series cameras provide an affordable and reliable surveillance solution to secure home, small office, and various private properties.

    NC Series: Professional 1.3 Megapixel IP Cameras
    Our NC series is designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional and high-end surveillance systems. .
    CP Series: 680 TVL CCTV cameras
    A total Sony solution featuring 960H EXview HAD CCD II and Effio-E DSP to offer revolutionary super hi-resolution, and D/N functionality.
  Compro Surveillance Software Suite


    WebVUer is a 16-CH browser-based platform that allows users to conveniently access their IP cameras from anywhere and at anytime. WebVUer features intuitive user interface, multi-channel management, multi-browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows), and a whole lot of surveillance functions.


    ComproView is a 32-CH professional video management system. Its cutting-edge video analytics can automatically track suspicious individuals and take response actions. Customizable event triggers and alarms combined with smart search and playback help weave your impenetrable surveillance web.
  Compro Home Solution
    Compro Home Solution is a comprehensive home surveillance system that combines IP cameras and various wireless alarms/sensors into one pre-configured kit. It can notify home owners of an alarm-triggering event in real-time and let them check in on their home on smartphone, tablet, etc., whether they are on the road or at work.
    To learn more about the components of Compro Home Solution, visit
  Compro smartConnect Technology
    Compro smartConnect technology turns IP camera installation into a simple 1-2-3 process. With smartConnect, you can simply plug in the cables, install the software, and your Compro IP camera is ready to go. So now is the time to say goodbye to the router configuration and error messages. And what's event better? You can view and share camera video just like the way you use MSN messenger.
    Learn more about other exciting features and applications of Compro smartConnect technology at .
 Compro Technology: An Innovator of IP Surveillance Solution  
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  IP70   1/3" 1.3M HD H.264 Day/Night
Cube Network Camera
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  IP540  1/3" 1.3M HD H.264 Day/Night
PTZ Network Camera
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  IP570 1/3" 1.3M HD H.264 Day/Night
12x Optical PTZ Network Camera
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