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RS-2208 and RS-2212 are both a dual-bay Network Video Recorder expressly designed for surveillance applications in small and mid-sized businesses. Both are designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind, and both are embedded with robust Linux system that is reliable and safe from virus and hacker attacks. RS-2208 and RS-2212 are both capable of recording high-quality H.264 video 24/7 and offer advanced data backup feature and friendly browser interface, and support the complete range of Compro IP cameras.

Embedded Linux operating system for superior reliability
Record H.264 megapixel video from up to 8 (RS-2208) IP cameras or 12 (RS-2212) IP cameras simultaneously
Support dual SATA 3.0Gbs 3.5" HDD
Support RAID-0 and RAID-1
Remotely record, play back and search video recordings
Remotely view and record video, and search and play back recordings
One-touch backup to USB storage device
Full PTZ control
Intelligent iWizard for easy and effortless setup

Remote NVR App for iOS/Android Devices

  1. Viewing cameras from smartphone anytime, anywhere
  2. Support Compro TN series network cameras
  3. Take snapshots in live video and playback event videos
  4. Check the latest 30 record of events on your NVR
  5. Quad-view support for multiple camera viewing
  6. Filtering and searching recorded files
  7. Playback video on-the fly or download to devices
  8. Utilize hardware decoder for smooth video playback
Now you can watch live video on your smartphone/tablet in anytime, anywhere!


High-Quality Megapixel Recording

Record high-quality video streamed from your network cameras in megapixel resolution. The megapixel resolution allows for greater detail and better identification of suspicious people. The NVR also takes advantages of H.264 compression technology, allowing you to record longer period of time compared to other compression methods.


One Touch Backup

A one-touch backup button and a USB port on the front panel enable fast and easy data backup to external USB storage devices. Support for RAID-0 and RAID-1 also helps deliver better drive performance and adds an additional layer of data security to your surveillance system.


Easy Installation with iWizard

The setup process takes just a few steps using the intelligent Compro iWizard. iWizard makes the setup process fast and easy even for novice users. Simply install the hard drive, connect the cables, run the iWizard utility, and your NVR will be up and running in next to no time.


Generic RTSP Streaming Support

There are a myriad of camera models on the market and compatibility across different manufacturers is not absolutely guaranteed. Compro NVR can receive and record standard-compliant RTSP stream from your generic RTSP camera, ensuring highest compatibility with your existing surveillance system.


Compact Size

Measured only 23 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide, and standing slightly taller than a soda can, the RS-2208 and RS2212 can nicely fit anywhere in a home, shop or office.


Energy Efficient

This standalone NVR system consumes less than 30 watts in operation, as opposed to the 300 watts power consumption of its PC counterparts. The advanced power management feature lets you minimize the power consumption by scheduling the NVR to power up or shut down or putting the hard drive into hibernation at specified times.


SMS & Email Notification

The event notification feature allows the sending of Email or SMS alert message once your Compro network cameras detect unusual events. The SMS notification service does not impose any monthly subscription fees, and the Email notification service supports popular webmail platforms.


Friendly Browser Interface

You can view the live video and manage your NVR from anywhere and at anytime on your web browser. The NVR's browser interface, WebVUer, offers the capability to remotely search, play back, and export video recordings. The browser interface is so easy to use that there is virtually no learning time required.


PTZ Control

You can adjust your PTZ camera directly on the NVR's browser interface. Use the 8 directional control buttons to pan and tilt and use the home button to return to the preset position. For fixed cameras, you can use the same buttons to control the digital PTZ function provided by the NVR's browser interface.


One-Click Camera Setup

The NVR's iStart feature lets you set up camera connections with a click of a button. With iStart, you don't have to configure connections between your NVR and your Compro network cameras one by one. Just click the iStart button and then all the available Compro network cameras will be automatically connected to your NVR.


Free Compro DDNS Service

he NVR provides a free Compro DDNS service for remote surveillance over the Internet. Compro DDNS service enables you to create an easy-to-remember domain name that links to your NVR's current public IP address, which means you can forget about the unfriendly IP address and log in to your NVR with a unique domain name of your own.


Graphical Menu

Beautifully crafted icons in the setup menu allow users to get to the wanted functions with ease. Users can also input keywords to search available functions.