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* PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) function is only available on CS400P, which is a PoE-only version of CS400.
Compro CS400 and CS400P both provide an out-of-the-box IP video surveillance solution for professionals and novice users. These outdoor-ready network cameras can be easily and quickly installed without the need for router configuration or networking expertise. CS400 and CS400P are loaded with an assortment of advanced surveillance features including day/night functionality, smart motion detection, SMS and Email alert message, and more.  

Day & Night Functionality with Built-in IR Illuminators

The camera comes equipped with 30 IR LEDs plus an ambient light sensor that detects environmental lighting conditions. When in low-light conditions, the built-in IR LEDs can be automatically switched on to provide additional infrared light that helps deliver clear night-time image.


Mechanical IR-Cut Filter

The camera has a built-in mechanical IR-cut filter placed in front of the image sensor to filter out infrared light in the daytime, producing better color reproduction. At nighttime or when the built-in light sensor detects low-light conditions, IR-cut filter is automatically removed to achieve better light sensitivity.


H.264 Compression

The camera utilizes the cutting-edge H.264 video compression technology. Compared with the MPEG-4 format, the H.264 technology has higher compression efficiency, which means it can accomplish high image quality while reducing bandwidth requirement and saving storage cost.


Friendly Browser Interface

You can view the live video and manage your camera from anywhere and at anytime on your web browser. The camera's browser interface, WebVUer, is so easy to use that there is virtually no learning time required.


SMS & Email Notification

The SMS & Email event notification feature enables the camera to send an alert message to specified recipients when it detects unusual events. The SMS notification service does not impose any monthly subscription fees, and the Email notification service supports popular webmail platforms.


Weather Resistance

The camera is ready to be mounted outdoors out of the box, saving users installation time and cost. The IP66-rated weather-resistant aluminum housing help the camera survive adverse weather conditions such as dust, rain, and sun.


Power-over-Ethernet (CS400P)

PoE support helps eliminate the need for a power outlet at the installation site, as a single Ethernet cable can be used to not only power the camera but also transport data in/out of the camera. PoE provides flexibility and convenience in installing the camera in the ideal location.



Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Seedonk service is now discontinued from Seedonk company. Please viewing the camera video from IE/Chrome from PC.