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Everything You Need in One Convenient Package
Compro NVR bundle package combines a 4-channel NVR and 4 sets of 1.3 megapixel network cameras in one convenient package. The NVR and network cameras in the bundle express great design and are built to work 24/7. This bundle package allows you to instantly set up a professional-grade surveillance system to protect your property or anything that matters to you at all times - like having your own security guard!


At the core of the bundle package is the RS-2104 Network Video Recorder, an easy to use NVR that wields the robustness and high performance of a leading-edge IP video surveillance system. Capable of recording video from up to 4 megapixel IP cameras simultaneously, RS-2104 also supports quad-channel playback mode, real-time event notification, and USB backup. Its low power consumption helps maintain a low operating cost in the long term. The compact size means RS-2104 is a perfect solution for home, shop or office.


The small and ultra-compact CS60 is an easy-to-use and stylish megapixel network camera that allows users to monitor their home, office or shop from anywhere in the world. The camera with its 1.3 megapixel image sensor delivers more than twice as high video resolution as a conventional CCTV camera. The camera is accessible across a wide range of platforms and web browsers. The name card size CS60 camera is ideal for installation in homes, restaurants, small offices, or any place where space is limited.


Quick and Simple Setup

The setup process is streamlined to a few mouse clicks and will take no more than 2 minutes to complete, which is as fast as it takes to set up a DVR-based surveillance system.

( with HDD bundled models)


Eco-Friendly Surveillance System

This NVR bundle uses 1/8 power consumption of a standard PC and DVR, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and save electricity cost.


Small and Compact

The system's small size makes it ideal for deployment in homes, restaurants, small offices, retail shops, or any place where space is a concern.


High Quality Megapixel/HD Video

View and record live camera video in 1.3-megapixel / HD resolution. The megapixel resolution allows for greater detail and better identification of suspicious people.


H.264 Video Compression Technology

Compared with MPEG-4 format, H.264 technology has higher compression efficiency, which brings cost savings from reduced bandwidth utilization and storage consumption.

Model No. Included Items
BR-04400 RS-2104 Network Video Recorder x 1 (without HDD)
CS60 Network Camera x 4

RS-2104 Network Video Recorder x 1
CS60 Network Camera x 4
500GB HDD x 1 (pre-installed in the NVR)


RS-2104 Network Video Recorder x 1
CS60 Network Camera x 4
1TB HDD x 1 (pre-installed in the NVR)