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Compro TN600R is the C4Home cloud network camera with IR remote controller feature integrated. Users can remote control home appliances such as TV, BD/DVD, home theater, air conditioner and others from remote location anytime, anywhere with smartphone or tablet. More than this, the TN600R built-in temperature sensor to detect the temperature in your room and send alert notice to your mobile device for advance controls.  

IR Remote Controller on Your Smartphone/Tablet

TN600R built-in IR remote transmitter and receiver to learn and controls your home appliances for easy and convenient life.


Temperature Detection

TN600R built-in temperature sensor to detect the temperature in your room and send you the instant push notification when the temperature is over/under the setup range.


Day & Night Functionality with Built-in IR LEDs

11 built-in IR LEDs, an ambient light sensor and a dual-band lens enable the camera to capture clear images even in pitch darkness.


1-2-3 Easy Step Installation

The TN600R camera offers simple 1-2-3 step installation, no PC and network knowledge required:

  1. Connect TN600R with your wireless router and power adaptor.
  2. Download C4Home app to your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet.
  3. Scan the QR code on the back side of TN600R, it will automatically add camera to the app.
Now you can watch live video on your smartphone/tablet in anytime, anywhere!


Exclusive C4Home Cloud App Service and 4 Cameras Monitoring

The TN600R cloud network camera integrated the C4Home cloud service, you can login to the web interface to watch and control your cameras. Or you can free download and install the C4Home app to your iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet. With C4Home app, you can watch the live video of your network camera on hand, snapshot and smartphone 2-way audio communication in anytime. For the web interface and Android phone/tablet, C4Home also provide 4 cameras live monitoring at the same.


Smartphone 2-Way Audio Communication

You can use voice communication directly from your smartphone and the network camera’s microphone/speaker.
While you are watching the live video on your smartphone, you can eavesdrop on the monitored area to know what’s going on and broadcast your voice to intruders from your smartphone by touch the live video screen on your smartphone with finger and talk. Also you can use this feature to communication with your family.


Mobile Pan / Tilt Control and Preset Point Setup

You can control the pan and tilt rotation of camera lens simply by your finger slide on the liveview screen of camera. Also, the preset point allows you to easy monitoring the important areas from your smartphone. You can setup up to 30 preset points to instant monitoring on your living room, door, windows and so on.


Cloud Storage Easy Accessing

C4Home support Dropbox cloud storage to save the event snapshots on the cloud, it’s easy to check and find out what’s happened anytime from your smartphone.


Push Notification

Push notification provides the instant notice direct to your iPhone or Android phone when the network camera online/offline or motion detected. You can click to watch the live video of network camera for monitoring or check out the snapshot to know what’s happened and you won’t miss any important situation.


Share Video to Others

C4Home enables you to securely share camera video with others around the globe. You can share the live video feed of your wedding ceremony with friends, or let your co-workers watch a litter of puppies play in your home.


Mobile Digital Zoom Control

Mobile digital zoom control allows users to view close-ups of people or objects in the live video. Simply with your fingers control.


microSD Storage

TN600R built-in microSD/SDHC card slot, allow you to save the event recording and snapshot to the microSD card.


Air Firmware Update

Get the latest features and upgrades done from your smartphone, no PC required. When the new firmware and features available, you will get notice on your smartphone, then you just need to one-click to update your camera directly from the C4Home cloud server.


Private Mode

C4Home app provides the private mode to protect your privacy when you are at home. Just one-click to switch private mode on and off.


Audio Alarm

The C4Home provides the useful audio alarm feature, you can one-click control to makes the camera send out the audio alarm to deterrence the intruders.


Friendly Wall Mount Design

A meticulously engineered wall mount plate aimed to ensure fast and easy wall/ceiling mounting.


Free ComproView Professional IP Camera Management Software.

FFor advanced users, TN600 also free bundles the 32-channels ComproView IP video management software.

  • Multiple channel management (up to 32 channels)
  • Scheduled and event driven management
  • Recording search and playback
  • Group cameras for easy controls
  • Schedule and manual backup to hard disk or disc burning
  • Smart detection

Upgradable to WiFi with Compro 802.11 b/g/n USB Adaptor

TN600R offers a fast and easy wireless upgrade solution. Simply plug the optional wireless adapter into the camera's USB socket, and you will instantly get 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN support on the IP camera. (TN600RW bundled wireless adapter.)


Power IR Switch (Optional Accessary)

Energy saving remote sensor socket allows you to turn your appliances on/off (e.g. lamp, fan…) with TN600R IP cameras.



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Compro not guaranty the remote controller feature can compatible with any types of IR remote. Devices with unfi¬xed or overlong IR codes might not be compatible with the remote controller feature.